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The Reform Party of Wisconsin’s Pledge of fiscal responsibility and transparency in fundraising
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As advocates of a fiscally responsible and transparent government, The Reform Party of Wisconsin is appalled by the current blank check mentality held by the Democratic and Republican parties, not only in their approach to governing, but also in their approach to fundraising. We believe that the effort to build a “war chest,” which the party leadership may disperse at will, through open-ended fundraising techniques provides the clearest example of the fundamentally flawed fiscal policy of both the Democratic and Republican parties. Unlike these parties, is our belief that party members are the best stewards of their own money, and that any fundraising efforts should begin with a stated purpose, work towards a set revenue goal, and be completed with a thorough audit of the total funds raised and how they were spent.

As a result, the Reform Party of Wisconsin does hereby pledge to only solicit funds from its members and supporters for specified goals, and to make public an itemized audit of each fundraising effort. In addition, The Party Leadership does hereby pledge to make public a thorough accounting of all unsolicited funds and their expenditure.


The Reform Party of Wisconsin is not currently seeking donations.

If you are interested in making donations towards future fundraising efforts please contact us at reformpartywi@gmail.com.